5 Tips For Your First Music Lesson

5 Tips For Your First Music Lesson

What You Need To Know Before Your First Music Lesson

:1. Your new teacher doesn’t know you. Yet. Sounds obvious right? But this means the student and teacher both have to be patient. They would have to learn your personality, the way you learn, how you practice, and what your capabilities are. Together, you would spend your first few lessons together building and adjusting your path to success.

2. Share your thoughts with your teacher. It is important to share your thoughts, needs and wishes with your teacher before and after your lesson. If your child is too young to do so, please do try to check in with them, and help them communicate their thoughts to the teacher. That’s a great life skill!

3. Results take time. It takes time to really learn a new skill. From introducing the new topic, concept or skill, to experience it and play around with it. to implement it and make it your own. Typically, students can demonstrate learning after 3 months. Practicing could bring them there faster.

4. Practice makes betterThink ‘Quality’ rather than ‘Quantity’. Setting small, measurable, specific goals for each practice, and limiting practice time to 15-20 minutes/day, is much more beneficial than crunching an hour of non-stop playing.  Your teacher would direct you as per what to work on between lessons, so try to include 15-20min practice time in your busy daily routine, and make sure you know what your mini-goal of the day is.

5. Keep an open communication with us! You are not alone in this. We are here to help you make the best of your lessons, in any way we can. If there was a problem during your lesson, or you just need to speak to someone about your musical journey, please do not hesitate to talk to us! We are here for you!

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It was easy to arrange an appointment time and the instructor who came was excellent! My daughter is very happy with her lessons.


I had a guitar lesson and my instructor was fabulous. She put me at ease within the first minute of her arrival at my home, because of her warm and casual personality….This was the best lesson I’ve ever had AND all in the comfort of my own home!!


Easy booking, and carefully selected teachers, so you can focus on what’s important to you!

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