Warming up is (not) hard to do!

Warming up is (not) hard to do!

One of the first things I always do, when meeting with a new student, is talking about practicing. For some reason, students are always very keen to sing during the lesson, but are simply daunted by the idea of practicing. How sad….

Throughout my career as a student and of course as a teacher, I was fortunate to have worked with incredible teachers and colleagues, as well as focus on effective practicing routines in my research. I give you 5 practicing tips you should seriously consider to adopt, regardless of which instruments you’re playing.

1. Start with a warm-up
Because it grounds you, and prepares your body and mind, so you can maximize the time you’re already investing in practicing.

2. Focus on one element at a time
Because, hey, try to really focus on 2 things at a time and you may end up crossed-eyed…But seriously, if you really want to nail that bit or phrase, just focus on the timing, or just the notes. How wonderful it is that in music practicing, we can really ignore everything that is NOT what we want to do, and focus on that ONE ELEMENT we want to work on, and it’s cool.

3. Use a metronome
Yes, I know. It doesn’t sound like fun, but actually, once your teacher shows you how to make the most out of your metronome practice, you will not move without it. timing is everything they say, right?

4. Fixed a mistake? Great! Repeat!
In order to make the corrected way a second nature for you, a muscle memory, if you may, give yourself the opportunity to instill the right way of doing something , by repeating that little corrected bit 3-5 times. Get it down so it stays with you for next time,

5. Leave time for something fun too!
Yes, because music should be fun. So leave that jammin’ to the end, and really have fun with it, knowing you have achieved the goals for today’s practice.

I hope you enjoyed this post, leave me a note, tell me what you want to read about next!


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It was easy to arrange an appointment time and the instructor who came was excellent! My daughter is very happy with her lessons.


I had a guitar lesson and my instructor was fabulous. She put me at ease within the first minute of her arrival at my home, because of her warm and casual personality….This was the best lesson I’ve ever had AND all in the comfort of my own home!!


Easy booking, and carefully selected teachers, so you can focus on what’s important to you!

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