Get More Of Your Lesson

Get More Of Your Lesson

Get More Of Your Music Lessons!

1. When to Start

In short: It is good to start when your child can focus working on one activtity for about 30 minutes, with 2-3 changing sub-activities.

The long story: Now that the benefits of music education from a young age are scientifically proven, many parents try to have their child start taking music lessons a little too young, so their child is not maximising the potential benefits of the lessons. Starting at a young age is very beneficial, but as children’s maturity, as well as emotional and cognitive capabilities are so varied, parents should consider whether their child can concentrate for 30 minutes, while being offered 2-3 activities in the same theme. If the answer is yes, then your child would probably enjoy an

2. Homework? Practice!

In your lessons, you will be learning new skills, and new information. The best way to ensure these do no go out the door as soon as the lesson is over, is to (A) write them down (Your teacher will do that for you if you are a young student!), and (B) Practice them daily between lessons. That way you will not have to practice during your lesson (like you would not do homework during a class), and you would really be able to make a significant progress faster with your teacher.

It is also almost guaranteed that you would have so much more fun at your lesson, if you come prepared, and can move to the next thing while feeling a good sense of success and accomplishment, no matter how old (or young) you are!

3. Professional Teacher = Your Success!

Working with a professional teacher, as apposed to working your neighbour’s musician son or daughter, will help you take the lessons more seriously and be able to better focus on the instrument and your learning. Teachers’ teaching skills, experiences with different students, and qualifications are essential for your success. Equally important is to allocate a physical safe space to play, with no judgement or interruptions. 

4. Enjoy the Journey!

Having a good time during your lesson is crucial for your success and would enhance the likelihood of practicing and improving. Our teachers always incorporate the music you would like to play, little fun games, and other activities to sink your teeth in learning music. Our long-term mission is to give you the gift of music loving, for life!

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It was easy to arrange an appointment time and the instructor who came was excellent! My daughter is very happy with her lessons.


I had a guitar lesson and my instructor was fabulous. She put me at ease within the first minute of her arrival at my home, because of her warm and casual personality….This was the best lesson I’ve ever had AND all in the comfort of my own home!!


Easy booking, and carefully selected teachers, so you can focus on what’s important to you!

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