Insiders Tips – Rainer Grant Roth

Insiders Tips – Rainer Grant Roth
Today we interviewed Mr. Rainer Grant Roth, who is an Oboe player.
Q: Tell us about your beginning. How did you deal with challenges, the need to practice and where did you get your motivation to practice from when you started?

A: I started playing before video games & handheld devices. There wasn’t much to do except sports and music. We had a recorder in the house and the school band had a clarinet. I liked to listen to songs on the radio and movie themes and copy them by ear. It was like a game to myself. I stay motivated today by finding extended techniques and alternative ways of playing difficult passages in show music and orchestra.

Q: What is your favourite thing about being a musician?

A:The best thing about being a musician is the audience response in a live drama or a concert. It is exciting to know you can help people see joy, pathos, humour and most of all beauty in the way something can sound. This is only possible by giving extra effort to phrasing and working on the “journey” a long passage of music takes. It is more than notes, dynamics and simply what is on the page. You have to find the “gold” in the moment.

Q: What is the one thing you wish you had known when you started? One tip 🙂
A:Music is financially challenging as a career. I was blessed to have worked when earning a living in the “biz” was easier. The biggest challenges however are still there. Join a professional association of musicians (like the AFM or SOCAN) and stick with it for the long run. Create relationships with all working musicians you can. Nurture them. Most of never stop learning from the best players you can find. I still go to international conventions and listen and learn from the worlds best. Those in our community that don’t come and go and are not as busy as they want to be because they are not giving there best effort.


Q: Who would you most like to play with?

A: I always wanted to play in the Berlin Philharmonic. I have worked in nearly all the professional orchestras in BC and Alberta. Today I am happiest working in musical theatre. The challenge of creating drama is also there but the added skill of playing all woodwinds professionally makes that an equally satisfying goal.

Q: Who inspires you musically and personally?

A: I started oboe after having played clarinet professionally for 20 years. My 1st oboe teacher David Sussman is for me the top musician and teacher in Canada. Everyone who hears him play just once realizes that music needs to tell a story. David does this best. I had the privilege of working with Christoph Hartmann (Berlin Philharmonic) in Los Angeles and New York a few years ago. Dreams come true sometimes in unexpected ways.


Q: What do you wish for yourself?

A: I have been writing and arranging music for woodwinds and chamber ensembles for a few years now. I would like to make a website to distribute this music worldwide. I hope it will help others find opportunities and venues to play in when traditional settings like band, orchestra and choirs don’t meet all of our needs. I plan to travel to the international reed conventions to promote this idea.

Rainer’s upcoming shows are:

August 2016 – Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre – Animal Crackers (Musical) – Clarinet Flute Bassoon & Tenor Sax

September 2016 – European Tour of Germany France Switzerland and Italy
October 2016 – Medium Wind Ensemble – Oboe
November 2016 – Colombian tour – visiting composer David Steck to orchestrate the musical Cheechako (based on Robert Service poems)
December 2016 – Belfry Theatre – This Little Night – Woodwinds

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It was easy to arrange an appointment time and the instructor who came was excellent! My daughter is very happy with her lessons.


I had a guitar lesson and my instructor was fabulous. She put me at ease within the first minute of her arrival at my home, because of her warm and casual personality….This was the best lesson I’ve ever had AND all in the comfort of my own home!!


Easy booking, and carefully selected teachers, so you can focus on what’s important to you!

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